Your Practical Survival Guide to Surgical Internship

Derek F. Amanatullah


There is a lot of anxiety in medical school regarding internship, especially surgical internship. Internship is your introduction to medical responsibility. After four years of developing your interview and examination skills, as well as increasing your fund of medical knowledge, you are ready for real patients. Internship is easy if you are diligent and reliable. The anxiety over internship results from translating theoretical knowledge into practical skill, while “doing no harm.” Do not fear. It is not as hard as you think. Some sage words from my general surgery chief the day before internship sum it up: “Do what you are told; anticipate what you will be told; and, if you find yourself thinking ‘independently,’ call someone.” You know a lot as an intern! Use the team and the hospital to your advantage and your transition to responsibility will be easy. Maybe with these ten tips and tricks I found useful during my internship in your pocket, you can get some sleep as well.


Medical Education; surgery; residency; internship

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